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60 Jahre Israel
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Volume 20, Numbers 1-2 (Spring 5768/2008)
    * From the Editors
Book Reviews
Volume 19, Numbers 3-4 (Fall 5768/2007)
Book Reviews
Volume 19, Numbers 1-2 (Spring 5767/2007)
Book Reviews
Volume 18, Numbers 3-4 (Fall 5767/2006)
Book Reviews
Volume 18, Numbers 1-2 (Spring 5766/2006)
Book Reviews:
Volume 17, Numbers 3-4 (Fall 5766/2005)
    * The Forgotten Narrative: Jewish Refugees from Arab Countries by Avi Beker
    * European Politics: Double Standards toward Israel by Manfred Gerstenfeld
    * Annals of Israeli-Albanian Contacts on Establishing Diplomatic Relations by Yosef Govrin
    * Jomo Kenyatta and Israel by Asher Naim
    * Assessing the American Jewish Institutional Response to Global Anti-Semitism by Steven Windmueller
    * The New Muslim Anti-Semitism: Exploring Novel Avenues of Hatred by Raphael Israeli
    * Arab and Muslim Anti-Semitism in Sweden by Mikael Tossavainen
    * Kill a Jew - Go to Heaven: The Perception of the Jew in Palestinian Society by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook
    * Israel in the Australian Media by Tzvi Fleischer
    * Barbara Tuchman's Comments on Israel by Moshe Yegar
    * Hidden in Plain Sight: Alexis de Tocqueville's Recognition of the Jewish Origin of the Idea of Equality by Joel Fishman
    * The Seventh-Century Christian Obsession with the Jews: A Historical Parallel for the Present? by Rivkah Duker Fishman
Book Reviews:
    * Isi Leibler on Tower of Babble: How the United Nations Has Fueled Global Chaos by Dore Gold
    * Shalom Freedman on Iran's Nuclear Option: Tehran's Quest for the Atom Bomb by Al J. Venter
    * Shalom Freedman on Rabin and Israel's National Security by Efraim Inbar
    * Freddy Eytan on The Long Journey to Asia by Moshe Yegar
    * Susanne Urban on From Cooperation to Complicity: Degussa in the Third Reich by Peter Hayes, and The Nazi Dictatorship and the Deutsche Bank by Harold James
    * Joel Fishman on The Oslo Syndrome: Delusions of a People under Siege by Kenneth Levin
    * Manfred Gerstenfeld on Rising from the Muck: The New Anti-Semitism in Europe by Pierre-André Taguieff
    * Manfred Gerstenfeld on Les territoires perdus de la République: Antisémitisme, racisme et sexisme en milieu scolaire by Emmanuel Brenner
    * Manfred Gerstenfeld on Holocaust Justice: The Battle for Restitution in America's Courts by Michael J. Bazyler
    * Shalom Freedman on Double or Nothing: Jewish Families and Mixed Marriages by Sylvia Barack Fishman
Volume 17, Numbers 1-2 (Spring 5765/2005)
    * The Deep Roots of Anti-Semitism in European Society by Manfred Gerstenfeld
    * The NGOs, Demolition of Illegal Building in Jerusalem, and International Law by Justus Reid Weiner
    * Eastern Europe: Anti-Semitism in the Wake of Holocaust-Related Issues by Efraim Zuroff
    * The International Commission of Holocaust-Era Insurance Claims: Excellent Concept but Inept Implementation by Sidney Zabludoff
    * National Socialism and Anti-Semitism in the Arab World by Matthias Küntzel
    * The Passion by Mel Gibson: Enthusiastic Response in the Catholic World, Restrained Criticism by the Jews by Sergio I. Minerbi
    * Japanese-Israeli Relations, the United States, and Oil by Yaacov Cohen
    * Indonesia and Israel: A Relationship in Waiting by Greg Barton and Colin Rubenstein
    * American Jews and Evangelical Christians: Anatomy of a Changing Relationship by Carl Schrag
    * Jews and Fundamentalism by Samuel C. Heilman
    * Hazkarah: A Symbolic Day for the Reconstituting of the Jewish-Ethiopian Community by Emanuela Trevisan Semi
    * Defeating Anti-Israeli and Anti-Semitic Activity on Campus - A Case Study: Rutgers University by Rebecca Leibowitz
Book Reviews:
    * Joel Fishman on Europe's Crumbling Myths: The Post-Holocaust Origins of Today's Anti-Semitism by Manfred Gerstenfeld
    * Manfred Gerstenfeld on Poison: Modern Manifestations of a Blood Libel by Raphael Israeli
Volume 16, Numbers 3-4 (Fall 5765/2004)
"Anti-Semitism Issues"
    * 3D Test of Anti-Semitism: Demonization, Double Standard - Natan Sharansky
    * Foundations of an Israeli Grand Strategy Toward the European Union - Yehezkel Dror
    * Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism - Robert Wistrich
    * Watching the Pro-Israeli Media Watchers - Manfred Gerstenfeld and Ben Green
    * Abusing the Legacy of the Holocaust: The Role of NGOs in Exploiting Human Rights to Demonize Israel - Gerald M. Steinberg
    * International Organizations: Combating Anti-Semitism in Europe - Michael Whine
    * Confronting Reality: Anti-Semitism in Australia Today - Jeremy Jones
    * Anti-Semitism in Canada - Manuel Prutschi
    * Anti-Semitism in Germany Today: Its Roots and Tendencies - Susanne Urban
    * Iceland, the Jews and Anti-Semitism, 1625-2004 - Vilhjálmur Örn Vilhjálmsson
    * The Persistence of Anti-Semitism on the British Left - Ben Cohen
    * Suing Hitler's Willing Business Partners: American Justice and Holocaust Morality - Michael J. Bazyler
    * A Case Study: Madison, Wisconsin, U.S.A.: A Battleground for Israel's Legitimacy - Joel Fishman
    * An Analytic Approach to Campus Pro-Israeli Activism Case Study: John Hopkins University - Yonit Golub
Volume 16, Numbers 1-2 (Spring 5764/2004)
    * Jerusalem: The Ideal City of the Bible - Daniel Elazar
    * References to Secondary Nations in Prophetic and Poetic Biblical Literature - Amichai Nachshon
    * The Age-Old Iberian Rivalry and the Jews - Norman Berdichevsky
    * Between a Jewish and an Israeli Foreign Policy: Israel- Argentina Relations and the Issue of Jewish Disappeared Persons and Detainees under the Military Junta, 1976-1983 - Yitzchak Mualem
    * Are Some Religions More Conflict-prone than Others? - Jonathan Fox
    * The Churches and the Battle against Anti-Semitism - David Rosen
    * Review Essay: What's "New" - and what's not - about the New Antisemitism? - Jerome A. Chanes
Volume 15, Numbers 3-4 (Fall 5764/2003)
"Anti-Semitism Issues"
    * Analyzing the Wave - Simon Epstein
    * The Academic Boycott Against Israel - Manfred Gerstenfeld
    * With a Clenched Fist and an Outstretched Arm: Antisemitism, Globalization, and the NGO Challenge in the International Arena - Shimon Samuels
    * Naive Spanish Judeophobia - Gustavo D. Perednik
    * Neo Anti-Semitism in Today's Italy - Sergio I. Minerbi
    * Anti-Semitic Trends in Post-Communist Eastern European States - An Overview - Yosef Govrin
    * Anti-Semitism after the Holocaust - Also in Denmark - Arthur Arnheim
Volume 15, Numbers 1-2 (Spring 5763/2003)
    * Torah is their Trade - David J. Schnall
    * Was the Jewish Labor Bund in Czarist Russia a "National Movement"? - Joshua Zimmerman
    * Zionism and Its Critiques - Emmanuel Navon
    * Individual and Society, Nationalism and Universalism in the Religious-Zionist Thought of Rabbi Moshe Avigdor Amiel and Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel - Moshe Hellinger
    * Jewish and Contemporary Origins of Israeli Hasbara - Ron Schleifer
    * The Sacrifice of the Sons: Framing a Media Pseudo-Event - Mira Moshe and Ruth Amir
    * Is Jerusalem Being "Judaized"? - Justus Reid Weiner
Volume 14, Numbers 3-4 (Fall 5763/2002)
"Post-Holocaust Issues"
   * Europe's Bias: From the Holocaust's Aftermath to Today's Anti-Semitism Part I - Manfred Gerstenfeld
    * Europe's Bias: From the Holocaust's Aftermath to Today's Anti-Semitism Parti II - Manfred Gerstenfeld
    * The Jews in Plans for Post-War Germany - David Bankier
    * Ernst Nolte and the Memory of the Shoah - Sergio I. Minerbi
    * Sweden's Refusal to Prosecute Nazi War Criminals: 1986-2002 - Efraim Zuroff
    * Emotional Wounds that Never Heal - Nathan Durst
    * Penitence and Prejudice: The Roman Catholic Church and Jedwabne - Laurence Weinbaum
    * Historians Receiving Gifts and the Historiography of the Holocaust - Robert Kaplan
Volume 14, Numbers 1-2 (Spring 5762/2002)
"Jewish Politics and Community-Building in the Former Soviet Union"
    * Institutionalization of the Post-Communist Jewish Movement: Organizational Structures, Ruling Elites, and Political Conflicts - Vladimir (Ze'ev) Khanin
    * Organized National Life of Russian Jews in the Late Soviet and Post-Soviet Era: A View from Moscow - Eugene Satanovsky
    * The Phoenix Revisited - The Jewish Community of Russia Since Perestroika: A View from Jerusalem - Theodore H. Friedgut
    * Welfare Policy and Social Security in Post-Communist Jewish Communities: The Case of Ukraine - Yosef Zissels
    * Spiritual Potential of the Communal Revival: Yiddish Culture and Post-Soviet Jewry - Velvl Chernin
    * Principles of Teaching Hebrew and Jewish Subjects to Russian Speakers in the FSU and Israel - Michael Yedavitsky
Volume 13, Numbers 3-4 (Fall 5762/2001)
    * Hora'at Sha'ah: The Emergency Principle in Jewish Law and a Contemporary Application - Alan Yuter
    * Religion and Public Life in the Thought of Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik - Yoel Finkelman
    * Continuity and Change in the Constitutional Experience of German Jewry - Alan Mittleman
    * Jewish Defense in Libya - Rachel Simon
    * Citizen Rights in Flux: The Influence of American Immigrants to Israel on Modes of Political Activism - Avi Kay
    * "The War of the Torah": The Israeli Religious Peace Movements' Struggle for Legitimation - Gerald Cromer
    * The Jews of Steamboat Springs - Daniel J. Elazar
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